Biblical studies carnival: Warning notice

Please take note, of this warning, and pass it on to those who may be concerned!

I am “responsible”1 for the next BS Carnival. Unless you want your favourite blogs, or indeed (horror of horrors) your own blog “represented” by only those posts I found most entertaining (which let’s face it given my sense of humour might be none) you would need to get worthy (or of course as usual, unworthy) nominations to me well before the end of the month.

Please pass on this serious warning!

NB the Carnival will be going live at just after midnight as the months change here at GST/GMT +12.

  1. This term may not be entirely appropriate ;) but you will be able to judge for yourselves in a couple of weeks! []

7 comments on “Biblical studies carnival: Warning notice

  1. Bob MacDonald

    Hi Tim, have fun with the carnival. As usual, my blog continues with a focus on learning. To continue my study of the psalms, I am working on the music implied by the te’amim according to the reconstructive theory of Suzanne Haik-Vantoura – this post has a summary of where I am as of mid-September. I have some interest from folks at our School of Music at UVic – so rather than my unsupported solo performance, there may be some work by talented students and musicologists over the next 3 years. Can’t promise anything quite so specific yet. How does the Bible as ‘art song’ change the way we might read?

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  3. Bob MacDonald

    hi again Tim – I really think liturgy and music are important – and I have even taken a shot at a theological interpretation of psalm 4 here – of course I beg 1000 questions. But that recent publication on Chronicles has a great title – the empire of liturgy – worth a smile even if I only read a review or two.

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