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Do please participate in helping me to make my latest experiment in online publication work better. I want to explore how authors and readers can engage more and at greater depth through using online communications. My book Not Only a Father is not only available as a paperback on Amazon, but also the full text is online at using a WordPress plugin that allows commenting and discussion at paragraph rather than post level.

However, my publisher (the NZ Baptist Research Society) has no funds for promotion, and as yet few people have responded to my efforts on Facebook or here so the discussion is still sparse. I would like to do an Online Book Launch to (roughly) coincide with the physical one. So I am asking a number of bloggers to agree to mention the book (especially the free online version) in a post in the first two weeks of October (the physical launch is 10th October). I am also trying to find people willing to read a few paragraphs and post a comment (naturally if you want to read more I’d be delighted ;)

I wonder if you’d be willing to share in this in some way? I’ll mention everyone who does in posts (and leaves a URL) here, which since I am hosting the September BS Carnival tomorrow so this should give you extra Google mojo as a bonus ;)

Those who have already begun include:1


  1. If your name/URL is missing please let me know, I’ll try to keep this up to date, but am fallible :( []

5 comments on “Online book launch

  1. Bob MacDonald

    Tim – I have posted a very brief note here – it gets to both my facebook and twitter accounts as well. I regret I have not interacted more with this work – too focused on the Psalms and now their ancient music. Also playing too much golf and tennis – I have almost learned to be retired – though I must go into radiation treatment soon…

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  3. anthony loke

    your page is up on my blog. hope my readers will support you. busy at the moment to read your book as we are nearing end of 2nd semester and graduation day.