A massive library is available to distant students

I’m marking again. Every time I mark an assignment some distant students could have got better marks. If only they had used a decent scholarly commentary or two. Instead, they only use whatever they, their aunt Jemima (who did a course at Capenwray in the 1960s) or their pastor happen to have. Time and again I tell them. So now I’m telling you. A massive free theological library is available for writing your essay . It offers (at least) several good solid recent commentaries on every Bible book. (They are even in stock when you go to look for them!)1 And, to make a good story better, this huge resource is available in your own home :)

Free Library for Essay Writing

Yes, if you use Google Books you have a huge free library just a few clicks away. Follow the advice here and get to scholarly Bible commentaries in this free library. From anywhere, any time. It is a free library for essay writing. You should be getting better grades! As I said above, the video shows how to get Bible commentaries. But the same approach will help you find other books you need for your essay. At no cost.

  1. And with your local theological library this isn’t always the case. Often the best commentaries on the book you are interested in have been borrowed by a PhD student or a class of hungry students with an assignment due? []