Needed reading suggestions

For a course on the Pentateuch that I am preparing I am stuck in two places for good readings to suggest. If you can help me I’d be delighted. I need a chapter-length readings, and ideally at a bit above basic beginner level, yet not too technical.

  1. Biblical narrative technique. Ideally a brief practically focused outline of things like plot, characterisation etc. Yairah Amit’s New Interpreter’s Bible Dictionary entry is too short and so does not quite hit the spot
  2. Purpose of the Pentateuch: was it revolution and/or (re)construction of a community. The idea of this section was to look at how reading the Pentateuch (or one of its possible precursors) might look at various periods. A bit like the last very short chapter in Wenham’s Exploring the Old Testament: A Guide to the Pentateuch. 


  • Tim,

    For 1), you may want to check out these two chapters in the New International Dictionary of the Old Testament: A Guide to Old Testament Exegesis and Theology (Vol 1):

    Literary Approaches and Interpretation (Tremper Longman III) (ch 5)
    Narrative Criticism: The Theological Implications of Narrative Techniques (Philip E. Saterwaite) (ch 6).

  • Thanks :)

    The first is probably too general for what I have in mind, (I am assuming it is like a very cut down version of the little book he did with a similar title), but the second sounds promising. It is not previewed on Google and I no longer have my copy so I’ll need to ask someone to scan it for me…

  • Hi Tim

    I will try to see if I can do that for you, but I will make no promises because it will involve using old Pradis software:)

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