Launching a book, online and face to face

We held the physical book launch for Not Only a Father in Auckland on Friday. I hope the others who attended found the conversation interesting, I especially appreciated both Sarah Harris’ comments and some of the questions that gave me food for thought, and the great way Andrew and others pulled a launch together.

Since the book is designed to be discussed this format was a really appropriate way to launch the book. I hope some of those there will take up the challenge to be among the first to comment, object or question the online edition :)  This online version is at (a WordPress plugin allows people to add comments, questions or to object to or correct things I’ve written).

People who have participated in the online launch since I last listed them include:

4 comments on “Launching a book, online and face to face

  1. Ralf Wachinger

    Thanks for writing and making available your book. At present, I’m pondering on the topic ‘male and female’ in (early) Christianity, therefore this book comes at the right moment for me. I’ve read the whole online book, and I took notes for online comments.

    P.S.: I’ve realized that my active English is not very good. My native and thinking language is German.

    1. tim

      Thanks :) Do please make comments, start discussion, make corrections… on the book, that’s the idea. If you want to do so in German you can, though since the text is in English I suspect English discussion will be more likely to elicit responses and your English seems very good. Certainly better than my German!

  2. Ralf Wachinger

    I write my comments in English (today I wrote my first one there). I’ve got my big dictionary and enough time for thinking. :-)

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