Tim Bulkeley's Homepage: Tim has taught Old Testament/Hebrew Bible in Seminaries/Theological Colleges and Universities in UK, Congo and NZ for three decades

Tim Bulkeley's Homepage


This page will try to collect together the various strands of my life (at least as far as they have an online manifestation).

For a non-work non-family hobby I record (mainly fiction) at Librivox, for a collaborative effort The Woman in White I read the lead "role" (several 5* reviews on the Internet Archive and over 50,000 downloads),  and I have finished a number of solo projects including Kipling's Stalky and Co..(which also got a 5* rating and has been downloaded over 13,000 times) my Just So Stories which I believe is the most complete audio book version (downloaded 12,000 times but not yet reviewed :(

I am grouping the links under various headings: