The altar from the Judean temple at Arad

My full time job is teaching the Old Testament. This is reflected in my Amos commentary site, and in the bits of my Introduction course and the notes for biblical storytelling and Jonah parts of a course on Hebrew Short Story that are online.

In my spare time I enjoy preaching and teaching kids. So, inevitably several of the articles concern the Bible.

We respect the Bible, but do we worship it, or read it?

"A Good Sermon in One Word" is my answer when asked: In one word:,what makes a good sermon? 

"The Devil's Bible" is a warning against misusing God's word (using an idea from CS Lewis).

"Lost Treasures of the Bible" describes how cross-cultural experience can make the Bible come to life.

"NIV translators make the Bible a lie" is an angry polemic concerning sexist language in Bible translation. (Some readers have pointed out that this piece is less than temperate, but it IS an issue I feel passionate about!)

Almost all the "Thoughts" are based on a biblical verse or passage.

Tim Bulkeley, 1996-2009

All material on these pages is protected by international copyright, however I am very willing to consider requests to use all or part of any piece. The use of small quotations is (of course) fine, just give as reference (at least) my name and the URL (e.g. Tim Bulkeley http://eBibleTools.com/angels/).

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