women & men - sex & God

This series of articles explores the relationship of men and women, raises questions about sex and feminism and seeks answers in serious reading of the Bible. As well as the series there is a one off article:

"God and the Joys of Sex" (seeking to put sex into a biblical theological perspective)

Articles in this series include:

Vive la différence!
A World for Worship
Narrative Theology
The Biblical Facts of Life
Myths and Heroines
God’s Gift to the Church
Making Love: Sex and Marriage
Is the Bible Anti-sex?
Beastly with Two Backs
Sex as "Sacrament" - Making Babies and Making Love
Sex and Singles - a harder path
Some are born to be single
Some achieve singleness
Some have singleness thrust upon them
Singleness is not a disease - but an opportunity
Submitting to the Bible
Too Soft on Scripture
Too Hard for the Living Word
Some Simple Rules for Handling Scripture
  Beware of Translations
  Read what the Bible Says
  Read the Cotext
  Know the Context
Looking Sideways
Women and Children in Colossians
Old rules, new relationships
Piglets aren’t "in Christ"!
Falsifying the Word of God
Worth Fighting For
Earlier Revision Only Partial
Bible Truth Denied

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