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502363271_72597af8e0_bThe Bible contains the word of life. Yet it comes to us from people long long ago and far far away. Our reading therefore needs God’s help. To read without the Holy Spirit would be empty and dull. Yet distinguishing the divine Spirit from all the other spirits that push and pull us, not least our own, is not always easy. This site aims to help you read the Bible faithfully. 

It offers short articles and videos, with the option to “comment” and so enter into discussion… Throughout the goal is to help you read the Bible “faithfully” (the first section tries to explain what I mean by that :)

If you register and login (links on the right) the site will keep track of you and you won’t have to give a name each time you want to ask a question or comment.


The text of the eleven articles lead you through a process that will “work” on any Bible passage to illuminate and explain. Just click “Articles” on the menu to get a list. To get to a particular article click its heading. At the end of each article you can ask questions or discuss the ideas using the “Leave a reply” box, I’ll read regularly and join in :)


In each of the eleven sections there will be one or more short (c.5mins) videos you can watch click “Video” on the menu.


This menu item leads to pages where you can contribute to discussing the “homework” tasks, and/or get my feedback on your ideas.

Beyond the Bible

[2017 update] I have begun adding a section “Beyond the Bible” which takes the material to the next stage. This section will not (at least at first) have videos and ‘homework’. It will start by explaining why we cannot avoid going “beyond the Bible” and will then seek to identify how we can do this “faithfully”.


  1. Allan Patterson
      March 14, 2016

    Hello Tim,
    I would like to register for the homework please. I am currently participating in the course you are running at Northcote Baptist. I am enjoying the course immensely. Thank you for the opportunity. Allan

  2. Ben
      June 8, 2016

    Hey Tim,

    I’d like to register for the homework too please.


  3. David Instone-Brewer
      March 18, 2018

    Can I sign up for updates of Sansblogue?

    • Tim
        March 18, 2018

      I discovered that in making the sites ‘responsive’ I lost the RSS feed links, I have returned it to Sansblogue, and added one here (at least to this home page and to the About page).

  4. Marie
      May 29, 2018


    Please, I want to know if there is the same articles in french, because it’s more easy for me to read in french. Your articles are very deep and interesting, but it will work more in me if I can read them in my motherly langage.
    Thanks a lot & please excuse me for my not good english.
    Good By. Please to read your answer by mail.
    God Bless You !

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