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Part 1: Introducing “Reading the Bible Faithfully”

Video version of this month’s article What is the problem? It seems straightforward to say that Scripture is basis of our faith and practice. Indeed, the essential truths of the Bible are clear: God is creator. God loves creation. Creation is spoilt by human sinfulness. Human effort cannot mend this brokenness. God reconciles the world […]

Is it helpful to describe the Bible as “inerrant”?

Most Christians have traditionally believed that the Bible is reliable and true. Evangelicals have been particularly attached to this claim. In the last century or so these claims have been formulated by some in terms of words like “inerrant” and/or “infallible”. These words and the attitudes to Scripture that underlie them have been much discussed […]

Bible as loveletter

People use many different pictures to describe what sort (genre) of writing the Bible is. It’s sometimes helpful to think of an instruction manual (though the Bible is seldom written in the plain direct, yet full of detail, way typical of good manuals). Some parts of the Bible tell history (but often focusing on different […]

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