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Part 2: The messengers God chose

In the first article, I suggested that reading the Bible faithfully is: prayerful open, to the reader being changed or challenged respectful of authors and audiences that first received Scripture (i.e. how God gave us the Bible) purpose (what a passage was intended to do) applied to living (otherwise it’s just study) I’m assuming my […]

Ezekiel and the Spacemen: Prophecy Ancient or Modern?

A look at Ezekiel’s strange figures from chapter 1, examining the claim they were spacemen. I suggest looking for something from Ezekiel’s world to help us understand his vision. More plausible, if less exciting, than spacemen or helicopter backpacks. (Cf Arthur W. Orton, “The Four-Faced Visitors of Ezekiel,” Analog Science Fact & Fiction, March 1961.) […]

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