This site is being prepared by Dr Tim Bulkeley. It began as a series of articles in the NZ Baptist monthly.

Tim taught Old Testament at Carey Baptist College (the NZ Baptist Seminary) for two decades, before that he was a missionary Bible teacher in Congo. He currently teaches online for the Australian College of Ministries.

His academic CV is here.


  1. Colin hughes
      June 28, 2015

    Hi Tim,
    We have a group of people in our town interested in the topic of how to read the bible to get more out of it but cannot seem to log on to your course can you help please?

  2. Tim
      June 28, 2015

    Hi, Colin,

    I had (forgotten that) I had disabled the login feature as I was getting lots of spam login requests. I have enabled it again, so anyone from your group should be able to click “register for this site” and set up a login. I cannot remember if the password is emailed automatically to you or if I have to authorise the system to send it (the worst case is likely to be 24 hours, but usually much quicker).

    I’ll phone you to talk about what else we could arrange to help your group get what they seek from the material :)

    God bless,


  3. Tim Gener
      November 22, 2015

    Hi Tim,

    Just happened to read of your review of Lexham’s Genesis Bible Study guide and was led to this site of yours. I really appreciate your generosity in sharing insights and teaching materials through the web. I noticed too that you’ve been to APTS Baguio. Our seminary is based in Manila. Hope to touch base with you when you visit the country again.

    Timoteo “Tim” Gener

    • Tim
        November 22, 2015

      Hi, Tim,

      Thanks for the comment, this is material I am passionate about, since teaching a course based on similar ideas using Duval and Hays book as textbook. Each year one or two students would say “Why don’t they teach us this in church.” So I am now trying to :) A group of us hope next year to produce short videos (more professional than my screencasts and with more voices) to give a core for a series in homegroups etc. I am also preparing a workbook for Colombo Theological Seminary that they will adapt to the local context and then translate to use there (for a basic course). It looks like an exciting year!

      I’ve now been to APTS twice (I was supervisor in Auckland for Kay Fountain’s PhD).

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