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11. Reading in the light of Christ

This last article may at first sight seem the simplest. Of course we read the Bible as people who know Jesus, and in the light of what we know of him. As Christians we could hardly do anything else! Yet, how we do it causes big arguments among us. Those weird laws in Leviticus Take […]

10: Application: Where the rubber hits the road

Reading Scripture is only faithful to the goal of Scripture (to change lives and draw us nearer to God) when it is applied to life. This section will give some simple tips for powerful application that is faithful to Scripture yet relevant today. If I cook a nice meal I would be most disappointed if […]

Part 9: God remains faithful: the principle of the thing

At the start of this series we took notice of the way God chose to give Scripture to us. To make the Bible, God inspired many people (all very different) in many times and places. “…Moses in the desert, David in Jerusalem, Ezekiel in Babylon… different people, different periods, different places, different life-issues… This varied […]

Part 8: Don’t miss the point

Teaching or just saying Sometimes the Bible says things that are not what the Bible is teaching. Some examples are obvious. In Bible stories, the writers sometimes recount events they do not approve. Judges is not recommending we copy Jephthah’s stupidity in making dangerous promises to God when it recounts his vow in Judges 11:30. […]

Part 7: Logic and rhetoric: How does the passage flow?

Rhetoric and purpose People write for three main reasons: to entertain, to inform or to persuade. Most texts have two, or even all three, of these goals, but usually one predominates. Jokes are told mainly to entertain, manuals are written to inform, political speeches persuade. Much of the Bible is “entertaining” (especially stories, but also […]

Part 6. Taking Scripture seriously: How does this passage fit?

Noticing how a particular passage fits into the flow of a book, or the flow of Scripture as a whole. How this helps us understand faithfully. We should not drag verses or sentences kicking and screaming out of the body of Scripture. If we did we’d be forced to admit that the Bible says, more […]

Part 5: Taking the message seriously: The words of the Word

The series is half finished. The foundations are laid. We should begin to look at the details. The next few sessions will deal quickly with things that deserve more space, so there should be more here on the website, in the way of videos, articles and discussions. Words matter We’ve all argued with someone, only to discover we […]

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