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Part 2: The messengers God chose

In the first article, I suggested that reading the Bible faithfully is: prayerful open, to the reader being changed or challenged respectful of authors and audiences that first received Scripture (i.e. how God gave us the Bible) purpose (what a passage was intended to do) applied to living (otherwise it’s just study) I’m assuming my […]

What did the text mean?

Thinking about what a Bible passage was intended to mean, to its original hearers, is really important. In passing the video explains something that makes the Bible different from other holy books. Other videos here may also be useful.

Ezekiel and the Spacemen: Prophecy Ancient or Modern?

A look at Ezekiel’s strange figures from chapter 1, examining the claim they were spacemen. I suggest looking for something from Ezekiel’s world to help us understand his vision. More plausible, if less exciting, than spacemen or helicopter backpacks. (Cf Arthur W. Orton, “The Four-Faced Visitors of Ezekiel,” Analog Science Fact & Fiction, March 1961.) […]

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