Horned altarsHorned Altar (from Megiddo)

A number of biblical texts refer to altars with "horns" (Ex 29:12;37:25; Lev 4:7,18ff.; 8:15; 9:9; 16:18; 1 Ki 1:50f.; 2:28; Ps 118:27; Jer 17:1; Ezek 43:15,20; Am 3:14). Several small incense altars with projections at the corners have been found, one of the best known is on display in the Rockefeller Museum (Number 251 in the Gallery Book, right), it is made of limestone and is about 30cm square and 67cms high.

Horned altars are found in Canaanite and other Near Eastern contexts as well as at Israelite sites.

Although the biblical texts seem to speak of sacrificial altars only small incense altars had been found before Aharoni's team uncovered the parts of a full size sacrificial horned altar in the storehouses and glacis of Level II at Beersheva.



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