Lachish: palace fort podium

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Looking towards the podium of the palace fort, from the main street.

Ussishkin has argued that Palace A was an isolated fort from the time of Rehoboam, which was extended (Palace B) to form a citadel palace when Lachish developed into a city. Palace B had a storehouse and another building (probably a stables) to its north and south. By level III with the addition of podium C this complex had become the largest Israelite structure so far uncovered (76 by 36m). A monumental stair gave access to the raised podium area.

There has been considerable discussion of the nature of the attached building: stables, storehouse or market. It seems to have opened onto a large courtyard area, and perhaps opinion is returning to the possibility that these were stables for chariot troops with the courtyard as a drill square.