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  1. Bob Moore

    I’m discussing with my brother, the likelihood that the book of Daniel has prophecy in it that was written after what it seems to be predicting. Have you posted or written anything on this?
    I’m especially interested in the claims made about Daniel 9, that supposedly is “correct to the day” in predicting the number of years from Artaxerxes’ word to rebuild Jerusalem until the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. Do you think that is the case?
    Bob Moore

    1. tim

      Hi, Bob! I haven’t written about that topic. Though I have supervised students who address it. Basically I am cautious about the approach to prophecy that sees it as a roadmap to history. It seldom if ever is. It is always a plea from God through the prophet to God’s people to change their ways.

      Chronologies for the ancient world are fraught with problems, regularly there are small discrepancies between different sources of information.

      The thing to do with any Bible passage is not to get bogged down debating the details, but to ask what was this intended to say to the first readers? How were they meant to respond? That always gives a strong clue to what the passage means!

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