Bumper crop!

King Hezekiah on a 17th century painting by unknown artist in the choir of Sankta Maria kyrka in Åhus, Sweden.

Jim West posts more rubbish every day (often in his attempts to prove two obvious truths: humans are depraved and [probably a particular case of the former one] governments act stupidly) than most bloggers manage in a month of Sundays, but today he has not one but two posts that are well worth reading:

The Hezekiah Syndrome

Oh No, Not More Fundamentalist Baptist Craziness… Make it Stop…

Those of you who have removed his feed because of the volume of junk should look at these two ;)

4 comments on “Bumper crop!

  1. jim

    yeah im sure loads of people have removed me from their feeds. and if they did, its just really impossible for me to care.

  2. Tim

    Still, it allows me to provide a useful service pointing to the posts that tell us something we did not already know ;)

  3. Jeff

    Did Hezekiah have two right hands? That’s a really creepy picture.

  4. Tim

    Eek, you’re right, I chose the picture in a hurry, but it is wierd…