Disbelieving the same god

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Deane Galbraith was kind enough to link to my podcast Was God married? Part two: the death of the goddess, as you might expect we do not see eye to eye. Deane prefers Stavrakopoulou’s version of things, pointing to a more recent TV show  in the BBC series, Bible’s Buried Secrets, in particular in episode 2.

In the programme Francesca rehearses much the same arguments more fully and in doing so the BBC provide stunning imagery and Stavrakopoulou presents the evidence well. The trouble is, she here also confounds history and theology, what happened in the past with what was written about it in the (more recent) past.

Her agenda is clear, and well-signposted. Near the beginning of the video she says:1

But there’s something about this ancient world that the Bible is not telling us… Hidden in its pages is a secret.

And according to her this “secret”:

Rocks the foundation of monotheism to its core.

Somewhat confusingly as the programme continues She changes her mind and says:

I think there’s evidence that the ancient Israelites also worshiped any gods… yet if you examine the biblical texts you find references to more than one god here in Jerusalem itself.

So, this is a “secret” when that suits her rhetorical needs “to undermine monotheism” but is clearly acknowledged in Scripture when admitting that suits her needs. This sort of fudging the evidence is not worthy of a scholar of her standing, though it does make “good television”.

In short (laying aside the places where Stavrokopoulou misrepresents the Bible, because she herself corrects those!) the facts are not at issue. Except at one point. She claims that biblical monotheism worships a male god, and she does not believe in such a god. I do not believe that the Bible presents Yahweh as a male god, and like her I do not believe in such a god.

  1. All quotations are my own transcriptions of the sound track, if there are any errors in the citations are problems of my hearing and I regret them.  []

3 comments on “Disbelieving the same god

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    1. tim

      From where I stand thought of Mary as the “feminine principle” personified sounds either like making Mary divine (and Jesus just another demi-god, or it makes feminine human and masculine divine… I find the ancient Jewish and Christian teaching that God is beyond gender better. See: http://bigbible.org/mothergod/

  2. Sam

    This idea of the “wife of God” has become grossly misunderstood just as the “Immaculate Conception” has been grossly misunderstood. The reason for this is that these concepts are deeply spiritual and require an intuitive understanding. I very much recommend David Richo’s book, “Mary Within” to better comprehend the meaning of the feminine principle within creation which Mary, the mother of Jesus, personifies. There is a great need for this information to be clarified and disseminated.