Help needed with humour

Thomas Nelson that flagship of American religion and commerce (they are not quite the same thing are they?) publishes this pink sequin Bible a "fun sparkly and shiny Bible for little girls embellished with sequins…Cute to carry and easy to read!"

David Ker is back po-faced in Why the Bible is just not (so) funny claiming that the Bible is not funny. Back in 2007 he issued a challenge claiming readers of his blog could not give examples of humour from every book in the Bible: Funny Stuff in the Bible.

Then I ignored (I think) his silly claim, but this time it’s serious, he plans to publish his rubbish, and another generation will grow up unable to laugh or even smile as they read Scripture (or more likely simply don’t read Scripture). So I plan a series of podcasts, book by Bible book, showing that (at least almost) all the Bible is full of humour. I’ve done Genesis, Exodus is easy, but Leviticus (not to mention Lamentations) may be harder. If any of you, kind and humorous readers, would like to help me out, please post a comment suggesting possible funny bits in the more sombre books!

5 comments on “Help needed with humour

  1. Bob MacDonald

    Ecclesiastes is a romp of course. But Lamentations…. Well – go for the deliberate framing of the acrostics – this is language play. (My rendering of chapter 3 is here

    Language play underscores the love and the reversal of letters has a certain irony.

    Here my H middle verse of the trio in chapter 3
    Hilarious I have become to all my people
    their string to play every day

    Humour must include bitter irony

  2. David Ker

    Just let it be put on record that I’ve got a wonderful sense of humor and am funny almost all the time! This is a task worthy of your skills and humor and will probably be a better book than mine once you’ve finished the series. You might try to use public domain images when possible. It will make getting your book into print easier. But that pink atrocity… I’d risk a lawsuit to include that in my book!

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  4. Jack Wellman

    What a refreshing article here. I think we believe that God is more stoic and aloof that He really is. God MUST have a sense of humor. Just as my congregation…we were taking up the offering and the offertory song? Jesus Paid it All! LOL

    1. tim

      My favourite event along those lines was the first time my wife and I visited the church my parents planned to attend in their retirement. All the congregation except us were over 60, it was a rather old fashioned and formal service, but the small building was packed, so we were sittting in the second row. We were singing the hymn which has the line: “Frail as summer’s flower, we flourish, blows the wind and it is gone.” when someone arriving even later than us opened the church door, and a gust of wind blew over the flower arrangement at the front ;)

      No one else laughed, to this day I don’t know if they did not notice, or if they thought laughter in church a sin. But Barbara and I could hardly keep a straight face between us for the rest of the service :)

      BTW I am now stuck on Joshua, I need humour, but it is such a po-faced book :(