Fascinating work on the book of psalms

Bob linked to a presentation he’s prepared: New presentation available on Seeing the Psalter If like me you have been too preoccupied over recent years to really follow his project, or if you have not heard of it, this half hour (or less if the technical stuff at the end does not interest you) makes it all clear.

I’ve now bought the book, despite being “retired” and having no allowance for such things any more, and expect to draw interesting and useful ideas from it over months to come. If you are interested in patterns and structures of repetition in biblical texts this seems like a must read… but see the presentation for your self :)

One comment on “Fascinating work on the book of psalms

  1. Frank Ritchie

    Thanks for this, Tim. I’ve developed an intense interest in the Psalms – predominantly because of a personal journey over the last couple of years. Reading them is a different exercise and experience from other types of literature in the Bible and at first glance, one would think they were very personal for the author. But reflectively working my way through them I’ve found it’s not hard to see that there is something systematic going on with many of them and that they were clearly an intricate part of the communal worship life of Israel. I’m intrigued to have a look at the presentation and associated book.