New Criticism

Jonathan Robinson has some as yet unbaked1 thoughts on the hidden presence of children in gospel narratives.

As someone who still remembers being a child (it always surprises me how many people seem to turn off those memories, or at least fail to use them to generate empathy) I like the way he’s thinking. It seems to me he opens up a whole new discipline of biblical criticism. We’ve had Feminist, Womanist, Black, African, Asian… Criticism, how about some serious Child Criticism?

Now, it may be that someone has already published on this, if they have please give me details!

  1. He calls them half-baked, but I think that’s unduly rude []

3 comments on “New Criticism

  1. Peter Benzie

    Not sure if it’s what you are asking for / about but there is a whole discipline of Child Theology – A good starting point is the Child Theology Movement

    Jason Goroncy (Dean of Studies at the Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership in Dunedin) also has a very good blog series “Towards a theology of the Child” looking at a number of theologians including Calvin, Barth Rahner etc and their views – see here

  2. Peter Benzie

    Not forgetting my own MTh thesis on Children in the theology of John Wesley :)

  3. tim

    I’m a biblical scholar not a theologian, most of the material at Child Theology seems concerned with practical theology or with systematic theology. Much the same it seems to me is true of your MTh and what I remember seeing at Jason’s blog. (Though I confess I had forgotten that he had a series, so I could well be missing something.) From the titles some of White’s work at Child Theology looks more like what JR is doing and the serious part of my post was suggesting. As Feminist Biblical Scholars have reread Scripture uncovering the missing women, so one might reread Scripture uncovering the missing children.

    The other sort of Feminist reading that is suspicious might also be copied and read Scripture drawing attention to the places where it oppresses or hides children.