Boys clubs

Sometimes I don’t understand guys. I mean what is it that ensures that when you get a bunch of men together there is always that male locker room atmosphere. Loud jokes, “veiled” competition, sometimes open sneering… It happened in academic common rooms (until the proportion of women became enough, in most places, to soften the atmosphere) as well as more obviously male locations. It shocked me in the seventies as a young pastor to find to some extent it happened in “Fraternals” gatherings of clergy (in those far off days almost exclusively male clubs)… I’d hoped we’d all grown up and become more sensible. But now just because Rod of Alexandria posts some interesting suggestions for releiving the horrid gender imbalance biblical studies blogging suffers (A CALL FOR WOMEN BLOGGERS: The Bibliobloggers) some anonymous twerp1 posts insulting rubbish under the title The Biblioblog Top 50: Now accepting women!.

Unless there is some swift and widespread denunciation of this post please count me out. Remove this blog and my podcast site from the list. I do not wish to be tainted by association. Can someone make a “NOT a biblioblogger” badge?

  1. I am beginning to see why Jim West reviles anonymous commenters and bloggers so deeply, for surely you’d only make public such stupid attempts at humour under the cover of anonymity! []

2 comments on “Boys clubs

  1. J. K. Gayle

    I see that N.T. Wrong has tried to deflect your comment by saying this: “Tim Bulkeley completely misses the point when he thinks there is some in-group humor. To the contrary, the humor is aimed at the in-group and at its utter ineffectuality to change things.”

    However, his own comments elsewhere actually support your point. Some of these are listed here:

  2. Tim

    I agree with your comment, and am as always impressed by your research. I never followed the NT Wrong blog, so can’t comment on the possible gender of the anonymous author. But I despise the jolly cammeraderie which diminishes and excludes those who are not like the insiders. I would detest it similarly if the insiders were united by tribe or sports team. But in this case, because (on the whole) women are less subject to such behaviour any reply by the excluded is likely to be muted. I have been wondering if someone should ask SBL whether bibliobloggers are a suitable group to parade their affiliate status…