Isaiah and Empire: Colloquium: Call for Papers

Colloquium and Book

Call for papers:

Aoraki Mt Cook across Lake Pukaki, NZ

This colloquium (sponsored by Laidlaw-Carey Graduate School in Auckland, New Zealand) will explore cultural and theological implications of aspects of the book of Isaiah in the context of empire. Potential papers might include, but are by no means limited to:

  • readings of particular texts in the light of ancient imperial contexts
  • studies of the redaction history of Isaiah
  • Isaiah (or a particular text) in contemporary “imperial” or post-colonial contexts
  • theological reflections
  • cross cultural perspectives on Isaiah in imperial contexts
  • contemporary political reflections

The colloquium will take place in Auckland, NZ, on 14th-15th February 2011 (this is summertime in NZ but after schools have begun for the year). Since we intend to publish a book with the same title in 2011, draft papers will be circulated among participants in 2010 and final form submitted by April 15th 2011.

Please send enquiries and abstracts before 30th September 2010 to:

Dr Tim Bulkeley or
Dr Tim Meadowcroft

For some reason SBL do not seem to have added this colloquium to their online listing, despite emailing them, though SOTS and some other professional societies have circulated the Call for Papers. In order to make it better known please either repost this, or email the link to any scholar you know with an interest in Isaiah.

7 comments on “Isaiah and Empire: Colloquium: Call for Papers

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  2. anthony

    where is the colloquium be held in nz? am wondering about how the arrangements of travel, food and accommodation be like. deutero-isaiah is my interest and am thinking of something like ‘the rhetoric of deutero-isaiah and the art of malaysian politics’.

  3. tim

    It’s in Auckland, food during the colloquium is organised, we can arrange for you to stay with one of us (or perhaps a friend) if that helps but cannot otherwise help with travel or accommodation. It might be possible to stay at Laidlaw College as well I’ll have to check that with Tim M… The title sounds interesting :)

  4. seb

    Hi when you say its summertime in NZ what is the weather like at that time of the year? For most of my life I was based in the UK, and a lot of guys I know who have been to NZ said that the weather is the same in UK and NZ, is that really true?

    1. tim

      The weather in NZ is always somewhat variable, we are long thin islands surrounded by ocean. Roughly the antipodes of Spain and southern France (but with a milder climate because of the ocean :) In Auckland in summer the temperatures are seldom too hot (usually in the 20s Centigrade) and it seldom rains.

  5. seb

    Thanks Tim – I must admit that I like it when you say “and it seldom rains” again thanks

  6. tim

    When I say it seldom rains, I mean in summer. Being Islands much of the year it rains quite enough to wash off our clean green image ;)