Performing Jonah

When I finish markin the Isaiah essays I get to examine the last performances of texts from Genesis. Performing a text is a great way of assessing students on a synthetic task that is based on analytic groundwork.

Imagine if I’d been teaching Jonah and someone submitted this:

The story of Jonah from Corinth Baptist Church on Vimeo.

What comments would you suggest I make? In what ways is it a good performance? Where does it fail?

BTW there are no marks for the performance itself, i.e. was it a well-acted, filmed etc. only for how well the performance actually performs the Bible text. In the real thing a student would also submit a paper that supports their performance with exegetical evidence.

4 comments on “Performing Jonah

  1. Bob MacDonald

    There is a real talent in that young woman

    The content starts and continues better than it ends

    The problem with the end as performed is that we know that Jonah changed. I missed the gourd. And the comment about left and right as well as all the animals

  2. Stephen

    Do you sell tickets?

  3. Heather

    She made up all the stuff about why Jonah ran away in the first place. At the time, we’re not told why Jonah ran away, and at the end Jonah said he was running away because he was afraid the people would repent. I don’t know how seriously we can take that explanation as he was super-grumpy at the time and it was his ‘after the fact’ explanation, but there’s certainly no evidence he was scared of the people. I think all that stuff at the end about Jonah being grumpy because God didn’t zap them is a *great* example of Bible people being just like us :-)

  4. tim

    I was all ready to agree with you Bob, I thought the beginning was much better than the end, a common problem with retelling Jonah!

    But then Heather pointed out how the beginning spoils the ending, as well as importing extraneous ideas…

    I wonder if I’ve been similarly over-generous with the assignments I’m marking ;)