Psalms today: call for ideas

For a course I am teaching next semester I need some examples of Christians using psalms in the contemporary world. I’ve been searching YouTube and TextWeek. Frankly I’m less than impressed that what I’m finding will really stimulate my students to themselves be creative and effective in using psalms :(

Can any of you point me to interesting and/or stimulating examples?

BTW here’s one student’s own attempt from a previous year:



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  1. Bob MacDonald

    Well, I’m not exactly contemporary, but you’re welcome to use what I am developing online as you wish. I am applying a training in data analysis to the text as well as using them to learn both Hebrew and what I perceive as the theology in the Psalter. I don’t find them foreign to my life – nor do I think the NT authors did. But I don’t perform on u-tube :)

  2. Dale Campbell

    Don’t know if it’s what you’re looking for, but a musical pair from the states, ‘Shane and Shane’ did an album called ‘Psalms’, there are clips on you tube (may be the ones you weren’t impressed with!).

  3. mgvh

    Hi, Tim,
    – The Guess Who did a song back around 1970 called “Hang on to Your Life” which ends with a reading of Ps 22.13-15. Kind of strange…
    – The American Bible Society created an interesting CD based on Ps 23 described as “A gift of love to the children of NYC and all of America from the American Bible Society.” It featured Billy Gilman, Rebecca St. James, John Elefante (formerly of Kansas), and David Pack (formerly of Ambrosia!). It’s hard to find this CD today…
    – You should also check The Work of the People website. Lots of videos on the psalms…
    – I see that you have already checked ( – For each biblical passage there are links to music, movies, and artwork related to it.
    – There are a number of other Xn video sites like or or

  4. tim

    Thanks all :)