The State of Israel

I had not come across George Athas’ occasional blog until Jim West mentioned it. Gone are the days when a new blog by a biblical scholar was such a rarity that it was eagerly shared around the community. (That’s both exciting, blogging is slowly becoming more “normal”, and sad, there is a lesser sense of community among biblical studies bloggers.)

George had three fine posts last month that relate closely to the topic of our book, so I thought I’d mention them here (since I’ve been going on about the book so much in this last week some of you could well be interested ;)

In the first: Restoring the Kingdom to Israel (Part 1) George questions the claim that the modern state of Israel can be seen as a restoration of biblical Israel. In Restoring the Kingdom to Israel (Part 2) he deals with “replacement theology” the claim that the church has with the messiah Jesus at its head replaced Israel and become the inheritor of the old promises. Having, gently but firmly demolished these two (often polemically presented as the only approaches to the issue, conveniently simplifying the modern socio-political issues) George moves on in Restoring the Kingdom to Israel (Part 3) to construct an alternative view which fits better with the biblical teaching and contemporary situation. What he does not perhaps achieve is a satisfactory simple answer to questions about the specific promises of the land.

3 comments on “The State of Israel

  1. Ken

    Would not the specific promises of the land then be expanded in a parallel fashion, so that all humanity can embrace this promise? This would tie in nicely with agrarian thinking, e.g. Wendell Berry.

  2. tim

    That is certainly an attractive way it can be done :)

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