Women reading men’s Scripture: help wanted

Doing the podcasts on the E100 readings has made me even more aware of the need to provide some ‘casts that provide short introductions to some of the deeper issues in reading Scripture, like that of  God as cold-blooded killer. I am currently preparing the audio comments on Proverbs, that most male of books, and realise that I need a podcast on women reading men’s texts.

I wonder if any women readers would be willing to give me some very brief (just a few sentences) soundbites about one or more of the strategies you use. That I can edit together (ideally without any comment or even linking phrases from me, though the second aim may not be possible) to make a 5 minute podcast. (Of course if I got lots of takers it could be more than one podcast ;) Or is anyone willing to do a guest 5 minutes on the topic on her own?

It would mean either you recording yourself, or me phoning or Skyping you and recording, unless you are in Auckland… You can either be an anonymous voice, or identify yourself and be listed on the “credits”, as you wish.

I phrased the title as “Women men’s reading Scripture” because

  • I am interested in ways of reading Scripture not merely the Bible – the difference being (in my mind at least) that one can read the Bible with only academic interest, but one reads Scripture because in some sense the text has divine authority.
  • I am interested in how you read in practice, to offer practical help for others, not in how “Feminists” read, though “you” (the reader) may be thoroughly Feminist – I am sure I have not explained this well, but hope that you know what I mean…
  • Some parts of Scripture are more men’s than others, the Song of Songs is less oriented to a man’s perspective than Proverbs to take two extreme cases, it is how you read the more male gendered parts that I think could be most helpful…

To volunteer, or to talk about the possibility, either use the (public) comments, or to do so in private email me.

One comment on “Women reading men’s Scripture: help wanted

  1. Deb Hurn

    I had a major women’s issues crisis in 1996-7, where I had a lot of musings about the visibility and access of women in scripture (lack of, limitations) and the poor position of women in the world, indeed even the Universe, seeing as God/Jesus is represented and appeared as male. Some of these thoughts are recorded in ‘Deb’s Story’ in the Personal Statements folder on the linked website (www.onevoice.info).

    I am interested in your work. I am not sure about strategies for reading scripture to make it more relevant and (in many places) less offensive, if that is what you are asking. But I am willing to discuss this if required.