God vs. lawns (Jim West take notes!)

The pic Jason used… I’d have preferred St Francis myself ;)

Jason Goroncy’s mother-in-law has a superb sense of humour, revealed in God and the great heresy of lawn care since Jim West (if he’s not blogging about “total depravity” is forever telling us on Facebook that he is off to mow his lawns. So, I’ve mentioned Jim in the title in the hopes he reads Jason’s mum-in-law’s wise words and returns to God’s side.

Half-work days and “happy places”

I was interrupted by this Welcome Swallow, I think (since they seldom sit around on fence posts) he was on a Half-work Day too ;)

Today was a “half-work” day at Cloudy Paddocks. I got all the work I needed to done in half a day, and so could spend the other half on fencing the pig paddock. This is brilliant when it works as (on the change is as good as a rest principle) I get more than half the work done in each half that I would in a full day. It uses up a day of holiday, but keeps me on top of both my day job and my hobby job.

Pigcatraz or the pigs “happy place”?

Today I finished1 the new fence for the pig paddock. When Richard was here, but there’s been little progress since.

The fence to this bush needs upgrading still.

I had been calling the paddock Pig Heaven as it has trees, damp patches and all sorts of piggy delights. But then I began to think of the theology of that :( So now, I’m calling it the Pigs’ Happy Place. I know there’s an allusion to the Sky TV adverts in this, but think about it… Sky want to keep their customers more or less content so they become food for advertisers. I want to keep my pigs really content till they become bacon. Not much difference is there? Except I won’t charge my customers!

  1. Except for a few bottom staples on battens, really difficult with only one person despite Strainright’s brilliant batten holder, and the “Taranaki gate” which needs some thought. []