Ban Christmas

Mike Crudge asks some interesting questions about “cringe communication” from Christians, he also poses a challenge to “create a simple and engaging billboard for your church this Christmas?”

Here’s my entry:

My reasoning? It seems to me that the clever style of billboard works most easily when satirising something, that is by its nature it is “protestant”. At Christmastime few Christians are thinking in terms of protest, sadly. There are surely enough opportunities, things we should protest against. The whole consumerist festival, for a start…
What about a poster calling for Christmas to be banned: “Cut the stress… Ban Christmas!” With a picture of a “picture perfect” family doing christmas with lots of presents and food etc…

Free selling

I’ve long argued that educational institutions could benefit from giving away a first course free. The loss is small, how much does it cost to add each new student to a class you already have to teach? The gain potentially big, many (perhaps, I’d love to see figures, most) people will go on to do a full degree or diploma, even if they don’t they will likely speak favourably about the institution to their contacts and most new students are drawn to their place of study by word of mouth.

Now some big names have got the idea:


Donate your desktop?

If you live in NZ.

AndIf you don’t make a lot of use of your desktop to store working projects.

Then DonateYourDesktop would be an easy way to contribute a little to charity at no cost to you.

OrIf you have a product or service (especially a date sensitive one) to advertise to Kiwis.

Then DonateYourDesktop could be a cool way to target identity building and incidentally contribute a little to charity too :)

It’s such a neat idea, and depending on the data they take targeted, but even with no user data just the factor timing could make it highly effective.