Best carnival yet?

Karen R. Keen has done a superb job of collecting posts from  far and wide for the 149th Biblical Studies Carnival. It is wonderfully comprehensive with variety of genre (especially podcast as well as typescript), location (not just the USA), gender (not just male) etc. There is also so much here I had not seen, I have hours of productive procrastination before me!

Is this the best Carnival yet?

Upcycled/Recycled Church

Another thing I’ve been pondering/dreaming over since the visit by the Windsor Park people came out of a remark by the finance person, Linda. Mentioned the Cardboard Cathedral and dreamed of the possibility of walls that open out to allow extreme indoor outdoor flow. Our Leadership Team has talked about the site as Te Oro : The Orchard  and everyone who has thought about how we should develop the site has stressed the importance of keeping some of the trees and the orchard feel. So, I began to dream (sadly continued while awake and therefore unable to get back to sleep in the middle of the night).

What about:

  1. a church building made of recycled material (at least as much as is financially and structurally viable but over 50%). After all God is in the business of upcycling tired, broken, worn out lives. Not a Cardboard Cathedral but a Recycled Church. Such an aim/claim would also be newsworthy and could encourage possible grants etc..

  2. suppose the walls somehow opened out like wings (eagles’ wings cf. Is 40:31?) bringing the outside in – the ultimate indoor-outdoor flow.

  3. Ideally we’d site it among the avocado, keeping some around and perhaps using some as an avenue leading to the church.

Deconstructing Equality

I have pointed before (often) to Vinoth Ramachandra’s thoughtful and thought-provoking posts. If you have failed to subscribe directly to his blog (why?) his latest post is particularly good. As a taster, here is one early paragraph:

I believe that the near-hysterical denunciation of the white far-right marchers in Charlottesville, Virginia, with numerous calls on Twitter and elsewhere for their sacking from their jobs and expulsion from universities, is evidence of a lack of understanding about human rights.

Could you be trusted?

What would happen if somehow God in his infinite wisdom managed to explain to us the paradox of suffering in a world created by a good God? What if God had offered the simple brief explanation in a few verses of Scripture?

That’s the thought experiment professional Psychologist and amateur Theologian Richard Beck proposes in his latest blog post. Over the years I’ve often pointed to Richard Beck’s superb and thought provoking posts, as then you should go read this one! For those who need a taster, here is his (almost) conclusion:

And when you think about it, about what it would be like to have The Explanation, you’re struck with just how much damage and violence we’d do to each other with The Explanation.
Everytime we encountered a victim or a suffering, hurting person, we’d throw The Explanation at them.
So it seems to me that the most loving thing God could do for us, in the face of suffering, is to refuse to give us The Explanation. Even if we cried out in the darkness for the Explanation. Because without The Explanation we’re forced into silence and solidarity. Which is exactly where we need to be.

Yet More “Bible” Movies

We really think audience respond well to faith‐based action films,” Sprintz explained. “By ‘faith‐based,’ of course, I mean depicting God as a childish, petty tyrant and Moses as an arrogant jerk leading a guerrilla military revolution instead of a humble messenger of the Lord.

The Babylon Bee demonstrates once again how to tell the truth through fiction.

Biblical studies carnival: Call for post nominations

Hi, I have collected an ecclectic bunch of posts from here and there for the January carnival. But, like all carnival editors, I’d be glad to hear your nominations. Especially I do not have “enough” non-US or non-White or non-Male posts, any nominations for posts from these or other oppressed majorities would be especially gratefully recieved!

The ISIS Gospel

The HonorShame blog is always worth a read, but the latest post is topical as well as illuminating The Gospel of ISIS puts atrocities and tragedies like those in Kenya, Beirut and Paris into a useful frame.

Landmark decision

The Grand Palabre of the Baptist Union of a small and insignificant island nation (that most readers of Sansblogue will think is a merely a province of Gondwanaland) took a landmark decision recently. Their exhaustive and exhausting process involved a working party meeting over a two year period to listen to anyone with an axe to grind. After some time of seclusion and retreat, the working party formuated a careful report with several carefully worded recommendations. However since the topic, gluttony, was one that affected so many of the denomination directly the governing committee decided to decline the careful recommendations and replace them with three resolutions that will end the gluttony problem for ever.

These wise resolutions (that declare clearly and unequivocally the denomination’s hatred of gluttony while nevertheless somehow maintaining “fellowship” with churches who encourage gluttons as members) were as follows (after some hard-fought ammendments were passed or failed):

  1. We affirm the clear teaching of the Bible that gluttony is a serious sin.
  2. We covenant togrether to remove glottony from our midst.
  3. Any Baptist Senior Pastor (or Junior or Subaltern pastor left momentarily in charge) who allows anyone who is overweight at or above the 10th centile to atend a church lunch will in the first instance be removed from the Union mailing list.1

As you can see the governing comittee were well advised to ignore the working party recommendartions, which might have allowed promiscuous gluttony at Baptist Church meetings, and to replace them with such a clear statement.

  1. It is understood that what follows “the first instance” does not need to be defined, since the punishment in the first instance is sufficient on its own to act as a deterrent and end the scourge of gluttony. []


This post tells how the generals are up to their very old “divide and conquer, and then, if that doesn’t work, clamp down hard” tricks. Sad!

Did I expect any different? No. But hope remains…

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