Bible and technology guest post: Audio Bibles

Here’s where producers of Bible software and apps come into play. To keep this response from getting too long, I will simply make a number of observations,

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  • My sense is that there will always be a place for audio Bibles, but they will not likely become a predominant form.
    You, Tim, have been involved with the podbible and the 5minutebible projects, and there is also The Bible Podcast site. These are great resources for people who have various challenges reading, and my commuting students loved having them available. On the other hand, hearing is just much slower than reading, audio is becoming largely associated with music, and music is being challenged by video.

3 comments on “Bible and technology guest post: Audio Bibles

  1. Mark Hoffman

    “Together with partnering ministries, MegaVoice is committed to engaging four billion non-readers with God’s Word using solar-powered audio Bibles.” Wow… that’s ambitious! Certainly a positive in cultures with lower rates of literacy.

  2. tim

    One thing that interested me in your posts that I’d connect to this was the link to the Shakespeare In Bits: Macbeth iPad Edition a feature it includes is audio (I think with animation) of the play I can’t help but wonder what Glo on my phone with decent audio of the Bible text would be like…