Aagh! WordPress help needed, please…

For some reason despite having UTF8 set as the character set in WP-CONFIG.PHP thius installation is mangling Hebrew and presenting it as a series of ????

If there is anyone who can suggest a cause, or better still a fix, I’d be delighted, as I have a post that will be much better with Hebrew showing as Hebrew ;)

12 comments on “Aagh! WordPress help needed, please…

  1. Graham Doel

    Just looking at your new blog. Is there any reason that you haven’t changed the permalink structure? You’ll get much more attention in search engines if you put the post title in the url. Are you double posting on your blogger as well? If I have understood seo correctly double posting prejudices the search engines against you!

  2. Tim

    Unfortunately for me the project you mention is just a .JS file with (as far as I can see) no hint about what it does or how to use it :(

    No, I have given up on Blogger when they gave up on me ;) I’m just posting to the new URL on WordPress, the old site sits as an archive, which is why from time to time I am reposting here. I must see if I can easily change the permalinks, I missed that in the fuss of the changeover…

    I don’t need help to input Hebrew I just swap keyboards (the wonders of Unicode) but do need WP to be using UTF8 not some daft US exclusive character set :(

  3. Tim

    Double the “aargh” above, it looks as if the problem may be the MySQL database that was set up when I installed WP it seems to have the character set “latin1_swedish_ci” for wp posts instead of “utf8_general_ci” which is what is set for the metadata…. does anyone know how I can change that, I am WAY beyond my technical expertise :(

  4. Bob MacDonald

    Whatever you do – we need that post. I wish I knew why you got trouble with blogger – I have had none except for the flaky editor (still better than Word!)

  5. JPvdGiessen

    We need some more information, is mySQL on your own server? Do you have acces via Linux/Windows?

    If linux, this maybe a solution I found:

    If you’ve already migrated successfully to the new MySQL version, but you have an older latin1 encoded table and you simply want to change it’s character set to utf8, it’s a fairly simple exercise. First, export the table with mysqldump:

    mysqldump -u username -p database –default-character-set=latin1 table > tableoutput.sql

    First make a back up of that file and just edit it to adjust two things. Find the line that contains “SET NAMES latin1” and change that to “SET NAMES utf8”. Then, look at the table definition and change “DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1” to “DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8”. Finally, reimport the table:

    cat tableoutput.sql | mysql –default-character-set=utf8 -u username -p database

    When it’s imported back in, it will properly be created as a utf8 table and you shouldn’t have any character encoding problems. You can do this for a whole database with the same technique and using a search and replace to switch latin1 to utf8.

    An other solution, again if you have access to your own server is downloading sqlyog (http://www.webyog.com/en/) and change manualy all fields and tables

    1. Tim

      J-P: This is very helpful :)

      The site is hosted on an account I control, it is (I believe) a Linux server. I usually access through cPanel. There does not seem to be a tool there that would allow me to do the sort of thing you talk about (unless I’ve missed it.

      Does anyone know how I set about that sort of access.

  6. Tim

    Bob: Blogger is dumping anyone who wants to publish to their own server, unless they buy hosting from them (since I host other material on bigbible.org that would not have been convenient, quite aside from being more expensive).

    But, changing the character set attributions on parts of a MySQL database is beyond me :(

  7. Doug Chaplin

    I remember something similar when I upgraded from an earlier version of WP on another blog a couple of years back. There was a solution (which didn’t I think involve cpanel), but I can’t remember what it was. Try searching on “wordpress unicode upgrade”

  8. Graham Doel

    Tim, glad you got it sorted. and the permalinks look very nice now. Must work out why I get two copies of every post in my feed reader.

  9. Graham Doel

    I’m subscribed twice, once through feedburner and once directly.