Another month…

Well, another month is past, in the passing Sansblogue has completed seven years. So do I have the seven year itch that causes so many bloggers to “temporarily” cease blogging (either really temporarily or really for ever)? Not a bit of it, while I have readers, and (I hope) something worthwhile to say I’ll continue to blog.

Another month is past, and so naturally there are rankings. I’m happy that I again have two works in the top fifty, this blog and what I think is still the only biblical studies podcast to make the top fifty. How come podcasts are so much less “popular” than blogs? I’d have thought that Goodacre’s excellent NT Pod ought to have a regular top fifty slot… you are all missing something good!

On the subject of something good, the indefatigable Jim West has produced an excellent and entertaining (at difficult juggling act to manage both :) carnival, so if you have a few hours on your hands, or just want an idea of what was going on in January that you missed (because you were on your summer hols, or snowed in at home – depending on whether you live in the right or wrong hemisphere) do head on over to Jim’s The January 2011 Biblical Studies Carnival.