Not what I'd envisaged for my 1,000th post :(

I’d thought for a while I’d do something special for my 1,000th post at Sansblogue. I know Jim W posts that many times a week, and others crack the kilo most months, but it has taken me since over six years to do it ;)

Maybe a book giveaway? But Joel at The Church of Jesus Christ is doing that…  (See Break My Blog Giveaway – No. 1 – The Lost World of Genesis One) Perhaps some deeply meaningful and profound thought, a post I could call one of my best :) then just days before the big 1,000 rolled around Blogger pulled the plug and I was frantic fixing what had not (till then) been broke… so my 1,000th post came and went and was marked by some damp squib :(

One comment on “Not what I'd envisaged for my 1,000th post :(

  1. jim

    hey now… fecundity can’t be helped.