Reformation rhetoric lives!

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Gavin at Otagosh, always a stimulating read, has a fine piece, Taking a Punt on Rob Bell, on the Rob Bell fuss. As he notes few people round here will even recognise the name, let alone the fuss, but certain more northerly American bibliobloggers certainly seemed to have twisted undergarments over the book before its publication.

Gavin’s rhetoric is nicely Reformation is style and (almost) scatology, while his rhetoric is positively Anabaptist. I love it :) With defenders like this that Bell character must have something going for him!

Of course someday the book will appear, then all the bloggers will go quiet, except Hobbins who will have read it and sixteen more learned tomes and three medieval Jewish authorities before the ink is dry. Meanwhile Jim West ought to love Gavin’s post, ir’s almost Zwinglian in tone, though since it’s Anabaptist in sentiment he also may foam at the mouth ;) I can’t wait… let’s have photos please Jim!

4 comments on “Reformation rhetoric lives!

  1. Gavin (Otagosh)

    Tim, your comments are very kind. I apologise for traces of scatology, but what’s a guy with a Lutheran background to do? ;-)

  2. Jeremy

    It’s not just people who are outside of America who are a bit baffled. As a Catholic, I’m scratching my head a bit too. We had an important theologian ask important questions about hell in the not too distant past – Hans Urs von Balthasar. But, all of a sudden this is new and of the utmost importance.

  3. Tim

    Gavin: Any traces were of the kind that TVNZ regularly apologioses for before showing most family films “contains language that may offend some people”. But just enough to give a reformation flavour, though I suppose I should not have offended a Lutheran by mentioning the Z person ;)

    Jeremy: No, but HUvB used several words of more than two sylables. 99.99% of Fundygelicals can’t therefore understand him, and anyway he’s only a member of some minor sect, he probably does not know the “four spiritual laws” and so not be “saved” ;)

  4. Jeremy

    That’s about my normal response. American fundygelicalism, with the exception of a few, seems to lack any kind of self-awareness both historically and in terms of the minuscule minority that that they actually represent.