Free Open Source Old Testament Textbook again

Back in July a bunch of us began (following AKMA’s reply to a Facebook post by Brooke1 ) talking about the possibility of a Free Open Source Old Testament textbook.2

The ideas, of course, were not entirely new ;) There are other scholars, as well as us biblical people, who think of these things, not least in the marketing field ;) So it should have been no surprise that there already exists a specialist publishing house that exists to produce and promote such textbooks.

Flat World Knowledge, I love the name :) Now, should we be pitching the itea of a FOSOTT to them, or what?Any volunteers to write chapters, help edit (for surely a group needs so produce guidelines so that the resulting chapters have some consistency…)

HT: Flat World Knowledge’s “Freemium” Textbooks Gain 140,000 Users, Average $34 Per Sale

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  1. Who eventually blogged about the topix here: Open Access Intro to OT []
  2. My posts, with links to the others I was aware of are here, though with some other mainly older posts. []