If Macs are for…

Mac ♥ PC photo by Ed Yourdon

A conversation, mainly on Facebook, but some here (WHY can’t Facebook take comments to a blog post linked there and repost them also to the blog? Is that really too much to ask?), about my previous post concerning getting started with Linux prompts this reflection (after a whole several weeks as a penguin):

Macs are for arty or trendy types. You know a Mac user just to look at them, they either scream “creative genius” or “I’m not really a sheep, I I’m just so hip I follow the in-crowd.”

Windows are for people who like to tinker with broken computers, and get intense satisfaction when they get them repaired and working, or for people who actually enjoy being distracted from work by “clever” toys like talking paperclips. You can also tell Windows sufferers just by looking at them, they either have large bald patches where they have rubbed the hair away trying to make the beast work, or they twitch and seem to be playing some invisible game as they stare vacantly into space.

Linux is for the rest of us. It just works, does what you tell it to, no more and no less.  And you can’t tell us to look at us, because we don’t have propeller heads, nor do we (often) wear clothing with penguin logos.

8 comments on “If Macs are for…

  1. Jeremy

    I been using a mac for years. I started because of intense dissatisfaction with Windows, but I’ve been toying with the idea of getting an inexpensive used computer to toy around with Linux a bit. For me, I think it’s more of a rebellion thing. There is something inherently satisfying for me in the idea of telling Windows and Apple “Take a flying leap. I can do everything I need for free.” I do have a couple of programs that make me think it wouldn’t be feasible for me as a complete solution. Yet I do think it would be a good option to have a second computer just to surf the internet and do word processing at home.

  2. tim

    Yes, its the proprietary programs that do specialist jobs that keep most of us tied to Windows or Macs. Though they tell me that a high proportion of Windows ones will run (using e.g. Wine) I’ve actually found so far that Bibleworks is the only one I really care about!

  3. Danny Zacharias

    Saying that “It just works, does what you tell it to, no more and no less” isn’t a delineating factor — that’s what Macs are all about too. And I wouldn’t confine macs to arty or trendy types, look at the latest Tyndale Tech. Accordance certainly receives the most praise. And even if you are artsy, those artsy people do real work and end up on Macs for the superior applications available. Let’s not forget to name one of the primary factors – it’s free, and its most often chosen by people that simply prefer open source.

    1. tim

      I’ve not used a Mac, though I did (twice, some people never learn) install iTunes. iTunes struck me as Windows on methamphetamine, forever trying to second guess me, contiIt just works, does what you tell it to, no more and no lessnually pushing stuff at me, and generally acting as if it was in control. If that’s what Macs are like then I do think “It just works, does what you tell it to, no more and no less” may be an adequate distinguishing feature…

  4. Jeremy

    Do you have any Logos packages? And, have you tried looking at them using your Linux system through Biblia.com?

    1. tim

      Logos packages! Aagh! I have loads of Logos books bought over the years using different email accounts, and some bought in NZ some direct from Logos. My online “account” only shows a few bits and pieces NOT including a Hebrew Bible. Though for some reason the LXX is there…

  5. Jeremy

    Hmm … And that’s what I would have been interested in too … how it renders the Hebrew.

  6. tim

    I can only say the it displays the words in the Strongs wordbook fine, and the CSS contains things like:
    .resourcetext .lang-he{font-family:”SBL Hebrew”,Tahoma,Arial,”Microsoft Sans Serif”,”Lucida Sans Unicode”,sans-serif;font-size:120%;line-height:130%;}
    which suggests that as long as you have the SBL Font installed Hebrew should be fine. But for a way to avoid even that need see my Hebrew and Greek (etc.) on the web http://bigbible.org/sansblogue/bible/hebrew-and-greek-etc-on-the-web/

    But sadly neither of my Logos accounts on their website includes the Hebrew Bible, it was the first thing I bought back in the early days nearlly twenty years ago, when it cost $400.