Pesky Passwords and the Wisdom of Clouds

I was all ready to write a somewhat scathing post about cloud-based password remembering services. I had tried LastPass which remembers your passwords for online services and supplies them IF you are logged in to the service using a master password. It sounded like a really useful service in a world with way too many passwords. However, my (bad) habit of using a disposable password for that 99% of occasions where the password really does not matter to me, but is required for some reason by the supplier of website somewhat frustrated its usefulness to me. If I was organised and careful things might have been different.

So, in the light of the recent security scare, I decided to delete my LastPass account. It hardly seems sensible to have even my disposable passwords stored in the cloud when i was not using the service.

Enter the lemming effect. Each time I tried to respond to the confirmation email I got an error message. Frustrating and annoying. So I wrote a stroppy email and planned a stroppier post here… Only to get a nice friendly reply, and an assurance my account was deleted. The company cares enough to either employ extra staff or to work harder to overcome the problems the danger of a security breach have caused.

Conclusion: If I ever do get organised to use a password manager properly, I will seriously consider LastPass again. Their failure is public and they care about customers.  Well-done. (A bit like biblical narrative really, it too makes failure public, and cares about people. ;)