Putting the vanity into publishing

Jim West has taken time off from noticing that the human race is spoilt, broken and twisted, and has a fine rant about Print on Demand vs. Big Name Publishers asking which form of dissemination truly feeds on vanity. True Vanity Publishers, and the Authors who Feed Their Egos is much more fun than the usual stuff about yet another corrupt politician or televangelist. Apart from the grace of God humans are corrupt. Brill and other prestige publishers demonstrate that basic fact…

3 comments on “Putting the vanity into publishing

  1. jim

    cheeky lad. anyway, love the last two sentences!

  2. jim

    oh and i write about much more than politicians and televangelists. there are pastors and professors and jocks too!

    plus my various poking fun at bloggers with photo arrays. come on, im much more interesting than you’re pretending.


  3. tim

    You are now, put this post with the one about the new Brill doorstop “handbook” which would work better as an e-text and you have a perfect example of the vanity in publishing!