Shaping Godzone

My colleague Laurie Guy’s “big book” and it is in every sense, 900 or so pages they say, and chapters on everything from sex to rugby ;) Here are the details:

Shaping Godzone: Public Issues and Church Voices in NZ 1840-2000

Guy, Laurie

Published 2011

ISBN 9780864736413

Format paperback

Category Religion, New Zealand, History
Among other things VUP say this about the new book:

This ground-breaking book highlights the influence of the church in the shaping of ‘Godzone’ – Aotearoa New Zealand. It audaciously claims that the church has been midwife to the nation. Without missionary influence there would have been no Treaty of Waitangi and no New Zealand as we know it today.
In the nineteenth century church voices were nation-shaping on issues as wide-ranging as alcohol restraint, voting rights for women, the use of Sunday and the exploitation of workers.

He’s having the launch party at Carey on 1st July. When the book will be available at a fine discount :)