Qwiki: pretty much what it says on the box

Jim West won’t like this (“food for dilettantes” he’ll probably call it) but if (like me) you are a visual and/or kinesthetic learner and you want a really quick rough overview of some new topic Qwiki hits the spot. It offers a mashup of Wikipedia extracts read aloud by a computer, with images and other resources, to give a first glimpse of some unfamiliar subject.

It sounds daft, but the wonder is it works! The search feature seems brilliant, and the collages do usually give many significant points about a topic, and for me are much more rich and memorable for having the images. This is not a research tool, but it is a really good 21st C equivalent of the one volume encyclopedia for those times when you need to feed your inner dilettante ;)

The screenshot features Rudyard Kipling bedcause having just finished a PG Wodehouse (Their Mutual Child) I’m again reading Kipling for Librivox :)

3 comments on “Qwiki: pretty much what it says on the box

  1. tim

    I read too much, everyone says so, it’s just that I limit myself to 2 posts a day from ZR

  2. tim

    PS so, having looked at those two I’ll be limited tomorrow, what’s your best post going to be ;)