as a professional homepage

First stack of a presence seen on a phone screen

I was struck by the claims being made for, I’ve seen people mention its ease of use, and the strikingly (pun I am sure intended) good-looking “sites” that can be produced in minutes.

As an inveterate tinkerer it took me more than minutes, and I am not sure that’s own description “Gorgeous, mobile-optimized sites in minutes” is true. What I made, and what you can easily make for an individual or organisation is not a website, but a “homepage”, a brief summary of who you are and what you do.

But given that limitation (small content and few links) it does enable a good-looking and impressive initial web presence to be built very quickly. My experimental page is here I think it is better than my previous effort, here using that you can see here.

The equivalent on an small laptop is more visual, more informative and also gives more help in projecting yourself (useful for an introvert). It does only have a limited number of templates and even less “looks”, but it is “responsive” (i.e. it adjusts to small screens and so is mobile ready out of the box – a vital feature I’ll be returning to in future posts).

Do you bother with a “homepage” what do you see as its purpose?
What tool (if any) did you use?