Tell the Bible Story in 3 minutes!

A group of us met last night to plot a video (probably narration with animation one of the group is a young, skilled and creative animator with friends who are similarly equipped) most of the rest of us are established pastors and teachers.

The goal is to develop something that is sharable on social media and/or websites, and hopefully therefore also attractive and motivating people to share it!

I’ll confess that our starting point was a discussion of an attempt to do something similar that was too long, not really attractive (we thought) to its target audience and theologically narrow.

We settled on the title (at least for our use) of “The Bible in 3 minutes” and envisage a countdown, to encourage people to stay tuned, and demonstrate our commitment to brevity ;) Jonathan says that 3 minutes is  about 300 words (allowing for something other than words and the desire not to gabble too ;) So here’s the challenge: Can you try to tell me the story of the Bible in 300 words?

The group will share these attempts (anonymously) on Google Docs and pick out the features/ideas we like. There is no pay, and little glory (in this life) on offer, but I’d really appreciate your efforts. I’ve already had some offers but so far every attempt has needed WAY over 300 words ;)

5 comments on “Tell the Bible Story in 3 minutes!

  1. Matt Barnes

    God created. People sinned. God showed mercy. People sinned. The flood happened. God covenanted with his people. They followed him – sometimes well, sometimes not. Several time God renewed his covenant with his people. God’s people became slaves in Egypt. God rescued them. The people moved to Palestine and set up a kingdom. Prophets promised a time of glory to come. Jesus was humbly born. He lived a perfect life but was crucified as a rebel against Rome. However, Jesus was resurrected on the third day! And by God’s grace through faith in Jesus we all can be saved! And part of that salvation is that God will make all things right in the end. In the meantime God created the Church to serve him, beginning in Jerusalem but extending to all the earth! (How about 134 words?)

    1. tim

      Thanks Matt :) Never mind about the typos this IS only a comment on a blog post ;)

      Can I play devil’s advocate? I wonder how much of this story (wonderfully short and yet despite that evocative as it is for a Christian reader) is difficult for someone without much/any Christian/Bible knowledge to understand? E.g. “sinned” “the flood” “covenanted”… One of the things we are really keen to achieve is to omit all language that is not understandable by a 12 year old with little or no prior religious knowledge!

  2. Matt Barnes

    Sorry about the typos!

  3. tim

    Thanks :) no, we are making slow progress, probably because all of us are too busy :(
    So I’ll add this to the mix!