One simple ‘secret’ of better coffee

This cup is TOO full! (by Bjb-de, via Wikimedia)

OK this post is not for coffee snobs. You either know it already or you are beyond such mundane trivialities in your aesthetic appreciation of the finner things of life. But for the benefit of all the others, especially anyone pulling me an espresso in cafe or home, or making a plunger that I’ll be sharing, and because of all the horrible cups and mugs of dishwater or bitter ground acorns I have drunk over recent days, here it is: The One Simple ‘Secret’:

But THIS cup is just right (by Berthold Werner, via Wikimedia)

Take a leaf from the book of nature. Follow the Creator’s example. Be generous!

That’s it, it is really simple, though not really a secret. More coffee in the plunger, within reason (or rather – for the Scots-in-spirit among us – only a step or two beyond reason), makes better coffee. Again, if you are entrusted with an espresso machine, since more coffee would mean pressing the grounds too hard, run less water through. Again, within reason, the same principle applies, being generous with the coffee makes a better brew.

There, I’ve done it, revealed the ‘secret’. Now I wonder how many more Scrooge-coffees I’ll suffer this week ;)