Web 2.0 and the profit motive

One of the local daily deal sites offered a $50 voucher for a restaurant in our city for $25. Sounded like a good deal, but we are new to the city, have no idea what the restaurant is like. So, I hit Google. The usual Web 2.0 users review the places sites came up. It really does sound like a great deal, all the top few reviews were excellent, saying things like: “All in all we had a fabulous evening. Next time we are around it’ll be our first stop. Fantastic service, fantastic fresh food and a fantastic atmosphere.”

There were three or four reviews in the same vein, and the next two sites were similar. Sounds a great deal, I wonder what such a popular restaurant gets out of it?

And then I spotted the fly in the ointment. None of these top reviewers had ever reviewed any other restaurant on the site. I looked further down the list. The next reviewer has reviewed a number of other places in the city, points out a number of failings, though is complimentary about the service, and sums up: “The overall food experience was poor!” The first few gave 5 or 4 stars, this guy gave one. But he’s the one that has actually written other reviews…

My conclusion? It looks to me as if the restauranteur has padded the “Web 2.0” collaborative review sites with puff pieces from their friends. Now, if the rev iew sites want me to come back they’ll need to start prioritising people who have done a number of reviews, and even more those with well liked reviews… as it is the sites are useless.

A country as small as NZ does not need half a dozen restaurant review sites. It needs one or two that actually attract real reviewers, till they get them its back to assiduously cultivating the grape vine in our new city…

2 comments on “Web 2.0 and the profit motive

  1. hrld

    The young are so intelligent now-a-days. It’s hard to refute them and such a command of language. Shakespeare could hardly be more picturesque.
    Someone did a study on emotional intelligence and decided that the average person has the emotional intelligence of a six year old. It would be higher, but I suppose men bring it down a bit. What worries me is the people below average. Could some still be in their terrible twos?
    I see you have spent a lot of time studying the bible. I always hate it when religions people don’t believe in it. It seems wrong somehow. I sort of believe that it condenses all eternity into a thousand pages or so, depending on whether you are using the large print or not. Am I imagining things or am I right again?

  2. hrld

    Phooey, I posted that in the wrong place. It goes with the article above. It’s so difficult having superior intelligence. I do wonder about your cows though. I saw some cloned cows and they were all standing and facing in the same direction as if they were all of one mind. Do clones act like that? LOL