Food to nourish the soul as well as feast the belly

Veges (photo by Noël Zia Lee)

In a comment Larry pointed to the site with Paul McCartney’s impassioned video advocating a Vegan lifestyle to avoid cruelty to animals. While I respect the desires of Larry and Paul to avoid hurting fellow creatures, and to some extent share it, I am speciesist. I can see no reason to accord the same protection and care to other species that we do to our own. “Don’t eat a fish, fish have (some small measure of) personality” does not work for me, sorry! And showing selected clips of the worst atrocities of the US meat industry did not convince me either.

So I then flipped to the recipes, that’s surely where I can use some help. And got a shock, under the heading Breakfast the top recipes offered a collection of dodgy meat substitutes making wannabe carnivore dishes like ‘Eggs’ Benedict; ‘Bacon,’ Potato, and Green Onion Frittata; ‘Chicken’ With Artichokes and Olives; ‘Eggnog’ Pancakes. The first is described as:

Baked tofu, eggless hollandaise sauce, veggie bacon, and fresh tomatoes top a toasted English muffin for a delicious vegan version of a French classic.

The only thing that’s real here are the tomatoes and the muffin. The rest is faux meat. The thought that the best “Vegetarian” can offer is a collection of wannabe carnivore dishes is a real turn off. I want real, tasty, nourishing food, food to nourish the soul as well as feast the belly! And “tofu, eggless hollandaise sauce, veggie bacon” ain’t it :(

Maybe if you are a vegan, or the friend of a vegan, who has a recipe that fits the requirements below you would like to enter it in my vegan recipe competition and help me out?

2 comments on “Food to nourish the soul as well as feast the belly

  1. Frank Ritchie

    I’m loving this train of conversation.

    In our household we have one day that is designated as ‘meatless’ – meatless Monday. Sounds pathetic just doing it for one day – but it’s a start.

    I think there’s a certain element of ‘cool’ around vegetarianism and don’t understand the faux meat phenomenon myself. I reckon if you’re going to be vegetarian then be flippin proud of it and show it off with cool, creative food! Maybe faux meat is a form of evangelism… trying to give us meat eaters something to entice us over. I find the best form of evangelism though is to just be the best darn Jesus follower I can be and be proud of it – show what it means to live as a citizen of a different Kingdom – vegetarians should be the same – show what it means to truly live the vegetarian lifestyle in all its glory.

    My wife makes a yummy chickpea curry and some great corn-fritters with a nice salsa. The beauty of meatless Monday has been the discovery of some great vegetarian recipes.

    I’ll try and remember to put the recipes up here.

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