How to fry

Frying Pan by Wikimedia

Frying Pan by Wikimedia

I’ve been cooking for years, off and on since my mum first let me collect and mix the ingredients for a “Dundee Cake”, on through the years when I introduced my long-suffering family to strange and exotic foods from around the world, cooked from a book that had no pictures to show you how the dish was meant to look (as well as making the book too expensive for a 12 year-old  they might have cramped by “style” ;) and then through the decades of children who imposed their own limitations… And all that while, I never learned to fry :(

Now, over the last months thanks to the brilliant RouxBe cooking school with its free online classes, and careful explanations of why we do what we do, as well as how, I’m learning :)

It’s quite simple really, basically

  1. get the pan hot (yes good and hot, before you add the oil) a drop of water should sizzle energetically otherwise it is too cool – RouxBe explains it all fully
  2. now, and not before, add the oil, usually just a little, and swirl it around the base
  3. add the food to cook, do NOT be tempted to add too much or the pan will cool and you’ll just steam whatever it is, and I like my aubergines or potato fritters crisp please :)
  4. now cook the rest (still patiently, a little at a time – it is all about heat, though not too much)

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  1. joe

    Thanks for the post. Appreciate it.
    Joe, Co-Founder or Rouxbe