Ban Christmas

Mike Crudge asks some interesting questions about “cringe communication” from Christians, he also poses a challenge to “create a simple and engaging billboard for your church this Christmas?”

Here’s my entry:

My reasoning? It seems to me that the clever style of billboard works most easily when satirising something, that is by its nature it is “protestant”. At Christmastime few Christians are thinking in terms of protest, sadly. There are surely enough opportunities, things we should protest against. The whole consumerist festival, for a start…
What about a poster calling for Christmas to be banned: “Cut the stress… Ban Christmas!” With a picture of a “picture perfect” family doing christmas with lots of presents and food etc…

4 comments on “Ban Christmas

  1. Mike Crudge

    This is great Tim – the best entry so far!
    It would be even better with the “perfect” family.

    After reading my blog post that you link to, a couple of young people from my church came up with this idea for a billboard:
    A bleeding crucified Santa hanging on a cross.

    They were serious. I like their thinking.

    1. tim

      Me too! I wonder though if their church would be happy, mine is “bad” enough ;)

    1. tim

      We had the opposite experience a few years back, Christmas in Thailand, in malls full of people busy worshipping Mammon, who’s say they were Buddhist, and lots of real Christmas carols about the king of all being born in a stable!