Hallowing habits

Richard Beck’s meditation “Unpublished: Faith as Hallowing” in which he suggests that faith can/should we considered as the practice of hallowing (making holy: marking out certain actions, things or people as special and revered), put me in mind of Conrad Gempf’s phrase (describing the significance of the law for Jewish people) “habits of holiness”.

Reflecting on these two ideas leads me to wonder if the “free churches”, whether Evangelicals or their “mainstream” (and apparently vanishing) counterparts, offer too few opportunities to practice such hallowing habits. In our Sunday services and weekday lives (sadly torn apart as they often are) we really only hallow the Scriptures and the ideas in our worship songs (somewhat trite though they often are). Some of us seek to hallow our eating, by making a habit of giving thanks. But little else.

This puts a great weight on Scripture. Which perhaps is why the claim of inerrancy and the claims of “Creation Science” become so significant for many people?